The Role of Forensic Psychiatry

Dr. Sridhar Yaratha has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of psychiatry. Currently, Dr. Sridhar Yaratha works as a forensic psychiatrist at Central State Hospital in Petersburg, Virginia.

Forensic psychiatry is a specialized field within psychiatry that focuses on psychiatric conditions and behaviors as they relate to legal matters. Certain qualities, such as tendencies toward violence, often have a strong psychological basis, for instance. A forensic psychiatrist might evaluate a person’s mental health and background for court cases to determine whether the person is competent to stand trial or can be legally held accountable for his or her actions. Therefore, a forensic psychiatrist’s evaluation of an individual can have a major role in cases in which the defendant’s sanity when the event took place is in question.

Additionally, a forensic psychiatrist might evaluate individuals for purposes other than criminal law. For example, it can determine whether or not a person should be involuntarily committed to a state-run center for his or her safety and well being, or for the safety and well being of those in the community.


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