Depression among Pregnant Women

Depression among Pregnant Women pic

Depression among Pregnant Women

Dr. Sridhar Yaratha has practiced as a psychiatrist in a number of different settings. In addition to helping individuals with a wide range of mental health conditions, Dr. Sridhar Yaratha lectures on different psychiatry-related topics, including depression in pregnant women.

Depression during pregnancy affects women of all backgrounds and situations. However, a number of criteria can increase the likelihood that a woman will exhibit symptoms of depression during pregnancy. For instance, lacking a strong support network of family members and friends is one risk factor. Additionally, women who have conflicted feelings about being pregnant, are in an unhealthy relationship with a spouse or partner, or who have had depression in the past face higher risk.

While common, feeling depressed during pregnancy can pose a serious threat to the woman’s well-being, as well as the well-being of the baby. It can result in the woman receiving less-than-adequate sleep or nutrition, for instance. In certain cases, she might have difficulty following her doctor’s instructions to not use alcohol or drugs. Therefore, if you feel depressed while expecting a baby, don’t keep your feelings to yourself. Reaching out to others, including mental health professionals, for treatment can help.


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